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The NES Turns 15

How old were you when you first laid hands on a Nintendo controller? Still remember those Legend of Zelda TV ads with that freak in the black jumpsuit? Ever have nightmares involving Lou Albano as a shambling Mario from the deep dark ghettos? Do you still have stacks of Nintendo Power stashed away somewhere? If you're a gamer, chances are that any mention of life in the 1980's evokes fond memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System, the single most important console behind the modern video game industry. This month, the NES turns 15, and with that anniversary, takes a special look back on the system -- and the games -- that started it all. 

You may be wondering why we're singing praises about the NES with the launch of the PlayStation 2 right around the corner and the dawning of the Gamecube and Xbox just down the road. Aside from celebrating its 15th anniversary, the importance of the NES is now more apparent than ever, especially in light of the overall boom and health of the games industry today. Since the NES' birth, video gaming has seeped into many facets of mainstream culture, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. 

In our tribute to the NES, we'll detail how video games nearly died a premature death back in '85 and how Nintendo single-handedly resurrected something many retailers thought was just a passing fad. Ultimately, the story of Nintendo is just as much about the future as it is about the past. Also be sure to check out our informal awards ceremony as we vote on our favorite NES games in their respective genres and categories -- the results will definitely surprise (and maybe even shock) you. And just for nostalgia's sake, we've even thrown together a huge screenshot gallery of all the best (and even some of the worst) games for the NES. 

So close your eyes, pretend it's 1985 and take a ride with us down 8-Bit lane…

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Did You Know?
...that Nintendo is a 111-year-old company that got its start manufacturing playing cards? Among 
the other products they dabbled in before video games are instant ramen,
a rice cooker that used 
a standard light bulb to 
save energy, tabletop casino games and even love hotels.

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