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NES Hardware
During a recent shareholders' meeting, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi touted the upcoming Gamecube as "a piece of hardware that allows creators to bring all their ideas and tricks to life as smoothly as possible." That wasn't always his tune however -- his only mandate to the NES R&D team was to make it cheap enough to sell for $100. Sure, the NES had its share of technical shortcomings, but like Nintendo's Game Boy technology, the hardware itself proved to be extremely expandable. As a result, NES software, which continued to flow for over 11 years, happily matured with the platform. 

The NES Max controller

The infamous Power Glove

Despite Yamauchi's $100 price ceiling Nintendo's R&D department had to work under, they managed to create a fairly robust system by early-80s standards. The NES included 2K of video memory that allowed for a total of 64 moving sprites onscreen at once. Coupled with the NES' five-channel sound and revolutionary controller, the system was more than capable of providing arcade-like (at the time) sensory experiences.

The NES Satellite was the first four-player multitap for the system. It was wireless, too. 

A happy lad sporting the stylish Hypershot headset. He was playing with power!

The biggest boost for the NES came in the form of third party support. Developers were just starting to hit their stride with the hardware when the NES picked up steam in the U.S. This brought about an abundance of software available at launch that was completely unlike anything the public had ever seen from a home console. These early titles were to be the seeds of modern gaming as we know it today.

Pictured here is R.O.B. with his new set of toys

The sleek, redesigned NES which came out in 1993

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Be an NES Otaku
A small scene of collectors have emerged on the Internet, buying and
trading NES games and spreading the word at 
NES fan sites like tsr's NES archive. A handful 
of diehards have even managed a complete collection; if you think getting all 251 Pokémon is hard, try rounding up all 776 American NES releases!

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