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Before we begin, let us preface these honorary game awards with a little background on the whole ordeal. First of all, why not just another list of "top 25 NES games of all time"? Well, because that's boring, and it doesn't really do justice to some of the truly classic titles in the NES library. When you think about it, is Tetris really better than The Legend of Zelda? Or are the two games really just masters of their own domains?

"Punch-Out!! is not a sports game!"

John "Big Boss" Ricciardi throws in the towel.

After coming up with a list of awards and narrowing down the list of nominees, we took a staff vote on our favorite games in each category. As most of the video game editors at are ardent fans of the NES, the voting process soon became a real heated affair. Shouting matches escalated into fisticuffs, and after it was all over, we came away with newfound appreciation for the NES library--not to mention bruises and a couple of black eyes as well. 

There's nothing here that should be construed as the word of gospel. All of us being gamers here, we simply chose our favorite games out of a library rich with classics. So without further ado, we present to you's "The Best of NES" Editors' Picks…

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Did You Know? 
The Famicom had a zillion cool hardware add-ons that people in other parts of the world never even got to hear about. First and foremost is the Famicom Disk System, an add-on released in 1986 that let Japanese gamers cheaply download games onto proprietary 3-inch disks, play them, then overwrite them with other games.

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