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Best Action/Puzzle

Adventures of Lolo

Long before they were making Kirby games as a part of the Nintendo collective, HAL was developing Adventures of Lolo, a whimsical action/puzzle game that spawned two hit sequels. You control the fuzzy, spherical prince Lolo. This cute puffball must solve 50 different puzzles to rescue his beloved lass, Lala. Each stage has several heart icons that must be collected to proceed. Your arsenal is limited to the occasional ability to turn enemies into eggs, so most of the time it's about strategic avoidance. Deceptively cute, this game's difficulty betrays its seemingly kid-friendly exterior. We decided to separate games like Lolo into the action/puzzle genre, as there is a sizeable difference between block-pushing mindbenders and Tetris. Any puzzle game in which you controlled an onscreen character was placed in this category, but we experienced some difficulty coming up with worthy competitors to Lolo's legacy. 

Runners up:

Marble Madness

A classic trackball arcade game, Marble Madness has appeared on several consoles over the years. The NES version is perhaps the most popular, retaining the fun of the arcade original despite the system's lack of a trackball controller. You guide a personality-deprived blue marble thorough various obstacle courses, avoiding enemies and the ever-present danger of falling off the edge. Heavily stylized graphics and a believable physics model make this game a standout hit in the action/puzzle genre. Nothing of its kind had really been seen before, and surprisingly, nothing since its release has captured the same unique spirit. 

Lode Runner

While most of us agreed that Lode Runner was a landmark title for the Commodore 64 and Apple II, several felt that this NES version had no business being considered for this award. However, classically simple gameplay, functional graphics, and a high level of difficulty make this a title to check out for the puzzle-inclined. A map edit mode allows you to create your own custom levels, so the fun is only limited by your ingenuity. 

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My Two Cents:
"I think the Action Puzzle category got the royal shaft. How so? Generic crap like Lode Runner beat out some true classics like Solstice and my personal favorite, Solomon's Key. I dig the Lolo games, and Marble Madness is fun, but... Lode Runner? More like 'Load' Runner to me -- as in Load of Crap. :)"

John Ricciardi
Content Director

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