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Best Driving Game

RC Pro-Am

RC Pro-Am is one of the most addictive and fun racing games of all time. Perhaps its only flaw is the lack of a two-player option-an oversight that was remedied in the sequel. The sequel, though, clouded itself with attempts to add in other features, undermining the original's zen-like simplicity. Pro-Am won accolades from us for not only for being a fast 'n furious race to the finish, but adding those two oddly compelling touches: car upgrades and weapons. Whether you prefer the bomb or the missile, there's no doubt that each time you collect one of the letters in "NINTENDO" and inch closer to a new car, a Pavlovian reaction occurs in your brain, urging you to keep playing "just one more race." 

Runners up:


Though Excitebike could in some ways be considered more sophisticated than RC Pro-Am (it did, after all, include a feature that let you design and race in your own tracks), it eventually fell victim to the ever-vague "fun factor." Perhaps it was the near one-dimensionality of Excitebike, or perhaps the malicious weapons of RC Pro-Am, but for whatever reason, everyone's favorite motocross game came in just a nose behind. Still, it remains dear to our hearts for the huge jumps, the mid-air acrobatics, and of course, the sprint back to the bike after you've fallen off. "RUN, RUN YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" Ah, memories. 

Rad Racer

Rad Racer. The title is, of course, a throwback from the days when one could exclaim "RAD!" and not expect to get beat up. This one seems to wither quite a bit more against the test of time, but when one had the pre-license mindset, hopping in an F1 and breaking 200mph was quite a thrill, even if the trees did pop up out of the road. The game also added a few fun features as window dressing-an in-car "jukebox" that let you choose one of three tunes to race to, and a seizure-inducing 3D mode. 

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Did You Know?
Before falling under the brood of Nintendo, Rare made nearly 30 NES games--everything from the classic Wizards & Warriors series to Wheel of Fortune and a tarot-card reader game called Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

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