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Worst Movie/TV License Game

Friday the 13th

The problem with this game, besides the sloppy execution, is the premise behind it. Who's the star of Friday the 13th? The camp counselors? No, they're fodder. The star is Jason, so why is the gamer forced to play as some no-name counselor chased by totally out-of-place zombies? The gameplay is so horrid we hate to mention it. We're not even sure what the point is. Rescuing campers in their cabins? Killing zombies? Finding Jason and then running away from him screaming? And couldn't Kevin Bacon (who was in the original Friday the 13th) at least have made a cameo appearance? Even if he had, that wouldn't have saved the game. The only thing massacred here was the license. 

Runners up:


Take a top-secret jet-copter loaded to the gills with weapons and go blow stuff up. Sounds like fun, but surprisingly, it isn't. Instead of opting for a traditional top-down perspective, the developers at Acclaim chose to go with an in-cockpit view. And just what do you view? An incredibly blue sky without a cloud in sight, an earth so homogeneously green that it must have been turned into Astroturf and little black pixilated flying enemies that look like a cross between real aircrafts and crows. And it all adds up to one of the worst play experiences ever wretched up on the NES. 

Home Alone

Who in their right mind would want to play as Macaulay Culkin in the first place? The objective here is to drop icon-based toys and traps in the way of the robbers. If they walk past these icons, they are temporarily incapacitated (and unfortunately not decapitated). Elude them for twenty minutes and you win! If they touch you, Macaulay does the famous and nausea-inducing pose of mouth-open, palms-on-cheeks, signifying that you've lost. Macaulay runs around like an old lady on speed: hunched over, hobbling and no faster than a nimble gait. The graphics aren't that bad and the music is actually quite catchy, but the gameplay is atrocious and unforgivably short. Playing the game, you can almost hear the marketing guru who green-lighted this one saying, "Kids will buy anything labeled Home Alone!"

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Did You Know?
Thor Aackerlund, one of 
the big winners of the 
1990 Nintendo World Championships, was later stripped of his title. Why? Because he became a spokesman for Camerica, an unlicensed NES third-party software outfit. 
The rogue!

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